GianaMaps was conceived one day when I was searching for an online mobile web application of cycling routes around Melbourne. As it turned out there were web applications and data available, but nothing which brought it all together to easily find, and identify cycling routes throughout Australia, and be handy enough be used on a mobile device.

This has led to the creation of GianaMaps. An online web application initiative, which aims to provide maps of various subjects to the public. GianaMaps also is a test bed for setting up and infrastructure using solely open source technology.

Marco Giana
(Founder of Giana Maps) © 2012


Send Mail To: mbggis@gmail.com

Send me an email if you would like to know anything about GianaMaps. If you have ideas for maping applications, no matter how strange, I will be interetsed in hearing about it. Comments and criticisms are also welcome.



Web Application

Geoserver OpenLayers Apache Tomcat JQuery& JQuery Mobile

Desktop GIS

QGIS (Quantum GIS)


Postgresql PostGIS



Operaring System